164 Club of Sweden

013935 1341 096/914-687

Original from Sweden. Imported in the Netherlands on 28-01-1999.
I do not know the original interior number. It was black leather with brown upholstery and 2-tone brown doorcards. I took all the dameged and worn black leather out and replaced it with a 80s blue interior of an 244. Also installed 244 blue matching doorcards.
Found original blue carpets.
Converted the gearbox with a M410 type. 4 manual with overdrive.
Engine is replaced with a overhauled one.
Mileage was 360.000 km, but the speedometer was replaced earlyer, probably much, much more.
Mileage now is 30.000 km after overhauling.
Fuelsystem converted to LPG.
PK ( HP ): 135 KW: 99.
Owned by me since 13 november 2010. Driven since then, about 88.000 km.
/Andre Koster

I have restored/repainted my 164.
Colour is now Volvo number 115. Which is Blue/Green Metallic.
Andre Koster