164 Club of Sweden

033160 1341 xxx/xxx-xxx

Here is some info on my PV 164 with serial nr 033160 for your overview of 164's.
My 164 was imported from Sweden in 1995 where it had been driving for the 1st 24 years of its "career". (Swedish licence AEC050).
After I bought the car it has been completely restored, licensed in The Netherlands (licence DL-86-15) and it served as a car for daily use for the next 2 years (including holiday trips abroad), adding 60000 km to its total kilometrage.
Since 1998 the car is enjoying its well deserved pension and serves as a car for special occasions only but it is still in a fairly good shape.
It has been converted to LPG (Liquified Pertoleum Gas) on which its B30A is running perfectly (without any modifications to the engine itself).
However, the old fuel system is still intact and present and by a newly installed switch the driver can actually choose between running the car on LPG or petrol.
The reason for installing the LPG equipment was the somewhat high fuel consumption for which the B30's are well known, combined with the fact that LPG is rather inexpensive in The Netherlands (presently 50 cents per liter for LPG against a price well over 1.50 Euro for super 98).
With a boot as large as that of the 140/160 series, the installation of a 60 liter LPG tank does not really affect the cars luggage space, and with LPG having no (negative) effect on the B30's performance.
I have been enjoying my 164 very much as a cheap (!) way of luxurious transportation and I hope to have much more pleasure driving it in the future.
Jan Brabers