164 Club of Sweden

151584 3533371-30B 110/0972

55,882 original miles, automatic transmission.
All-original condition, original paint, absolutely no paint work, body work, etc. It is likely one of the top 5, if not better, original condition 164's in the country. I purchased it in 2001 from the deceased, original owner's son. I am therefore, the 2nd owner. I was told that the guy hardly ever drove it in the rain, and it was always garaged at home. I believe this to be true as the condition of the car is amazing. I've had the car 6 years, and continue to be impressed. It is a pleasure to drive, it runs fantastically, and shifts precisely. Everything works very well. I honestly would not hesitate to drive the car across country tonight. I believe it to be that mechanically sound and reliable. Of note, the car burns or leaks no oil or other other fluids. Since my ownership, engine oil has been changed every 3K miles with Castrol GTX along with new Fram Filter each time. It does not overheat. There are no thumps in the drivetrain, no funny vibrations under load. There is no wobble in the steering wheel at any speed, low or high. The AC works like new. It's still the old R12 system, and it worked very well when I bought it 6 years ago. Last summer I had to add a minimal amount of Freon to top it off. The car has not been smoked in. It has no funny smell, other than the aroma of 30 year old plastic and leather. I believe the interior leather to be somewhat faded, and was previously seeming dry; I have treated it with Lexol Cleaner and Conditioner.

Known work done-
1. New cat-back exhaust- Bosal or Starla, I can't remember which Done 8/05.
2. New tires, Cooper, at 46K miles, about 4 years ago.
3. New Volvo Battery at some point- I believe 3 years ago.
4. Extensive replacement of seals and gaskets on engine summer 2001- including front seals, valve cover gasket. Also at that time, new injector seals and hose clamps, spark plugs and wires, and radiator hoses and thermostat. At that time, some surface rust on the red painted block and cylinder head. Volvo paint obtained to touch up these spots.
5. By previous owner- about 12K miles ago. New alternator and voltage regulator.

Not original-
1. the original am/fm radio, which I have in a box, and which does work, has been replaced with a Kenwood Tape Player. And the single speaker in the dash, which was blown, was replaced with two separate Blaupunkt 3 or 3 ˝ “ speakers.

1. the headliner has sagged in some parts. It has not gotten any worse in the past 6 years, and I have not touched it. Ideally speaking, it would be replaced to make the car as perfect as possible. But frankly, it never really bothered me that much as I rarely ever look up there, especially while driving J.
2. the chrome strip on the passenger side tail light has fallen off---I'm in the process of trying to find a new one, and aim to get one prior to sale. In the event I cannot get one in time, a credit will be applied to the sale price reflecting this item.
3. there are a few, and really, I mean a few, I can count them on one hand, door dings, places that could be removed by a “Dent Wizard” or equivalent business. The paint is completely undisturbed. I tried to capture them in the pictures, but difficult to see.
4. there is minimal surface rust at a couple of locations, and that is the extent of corrosion. I've included these spots in the pictures. I know of no other areas of rust. To thwart future corrosion, I've used Corrosion X all under the body, in the doors, fender wells, and any crevice I can find (note, this is not rubberized undercoating, but rather an oil substance used in very harsh environments prone to corrosion.)
5. the car leaves a tiny dribble of transmission fluid when sitting for a long period of time (like a damp spot the size of a half dollar over the course of a month). Looking underneath, I honestly can't see where it would be coming from other than the pan gasket. It recently, i.e. 6 mos ago (50K), had a transmission fluid flush and change with filter change and new pan gasket. And by the way, I have old records from about 35K when the fluid and filter were changed as well.
6. driver side orange side light lens cracked

I have the window sticker, owner's manual and all other new-car literature that came with it, the original Volvo fuses and box, Volvo 164E Microfiche for parts, and original Volvo 164E Service Manual.

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